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BDR-1200 + AV-650

The BDR-1200 drum mower with AV-650 seat is suitable for demanding users and owners of large areas - everywhere, where professional machines with high utility value are needed.

Product description

The professional double-drum mower with AV-650 seat has a cutting width of 120,2 cm and is intended for cutting large meadows. The big cutting width provides a higher capacity rating for cutting with low operating costs.

Each drum is equipped with four freely rotable blades. The mowing drums rotate in a counter direction and they are suspended in angle gearboxes connected with a cardan shaft. The cut stand flows into a row between the travel wheels. The cutting unit has the ability of side tilting against the mower chassis for 10° to both sides for good adaptation to the terrain. The BDR-1200 mower is powered by the professional HONDA GXV 390 (13 HP) engine.
The mower is equipped with side and height adjustment of the handlebars, an automatic brake, 5-speed Peerless change gearbox with a reverse gear, shifting from the operator's place and a hitch for a braked two-wheel seat.
The wheel drive system has 2 built-in independent brakes controlled by levers on the handlebars. Soft-braking one wheel facilitates turning the mower. 

  • laser cut space frame
  • 10° side swinging of the double-drum cutting unit
  • independent switching of wheel and cutting drives
  • directional brakes for better turning
  • disc drive through angle gearboxes connected with a cardan shaft
  • well-proven VARI design features


Technical parameters

Engine type HONDA GXV 390 
Handlebars adjustment height and side adjustment 
Wheel size 17 x 7 - 8 
Seat brake foot brake 
* measured according to SAE J1349 methodology 
Machine brake automatic 
Blade surface speed 60,3 m/s
Area performance 2160 - 5760 m2/h
Oil filling volume in engine 1,1 litres
Gearbox oil grade permanent filling 
Number of blades
Number of speeds 5+1R 
Blade brake yes 
Cutting disc revolutions 1990 min-1
Length x width x height 2757 x 1582 x 1185 mm
Working width 120,2 cm
Travel speed 1,8 - 2,7 - 3,5 - 4,8 - 8,0 - R3,5 kph
Engine displacement 389 cm3
Engine power 10/3600/13 (7,6/3600/10,2)* kW/rpm/HP
Torque 27,5/2500 (24,2/2500)* N.m/rpm
Fuel tank volume 2,3 (2,1)* litres
Unleaded fuel 91-95 oct. no.
Engine oil grade SAE30, 15W-40 
Height adjustment of handlebars ano 
Side adjustment of handlebars ano 
Accessories front wheels, AV-650 seat 
Adjusted engine revolutions 3200 (+/-100) rpm
Drilling x stroke 88 x 64 mm
Wheel gauge 410 mm
Weight 240 kg
Article no. 4254 


BDR-1200 (Instructions for use) BDR-1200 (Instructions for use) 1,9 MB Download
BDR-1200 (Declaration of conformity CZ) BDR-1200 (Declaration of conformity CZ) 213,7 kB Download
AV-650 (Declaration of conformity) AV-650 (Declaration of conformity) 204,5 kB Download

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