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VARI KF-140 rotary tiller

The KF-140 is a small rotary tiller driven by a four-stroke VARI XP-140 engine intended for small gardeners, who need to loosen the soil in the seedbeds or green-houses before seeding and planting.

Product description

The KF-140 rotary tiller is equipped with a four-stroke VARI XP-140 engine and lanced blades with a working width of 60 cm. It´s big advantage is using the conical clutch and the worm gearbox with the oil filling, which enables a perfect transmision of the engine drive to the blades. This constructional design ensures a long lifetime and minimal maintenance demands. Moreover, there is no need to use the V-belts.

The machine has an ergonomic height adjustable handlebar with an ergonomic drive lever. It is equipped with a transport wheel and a brake share, the operator´s safety is ensured by a sheet covering and side safety discs.

The perfect ratio - power, weight and maneuverability predestinates the machine for comfortable usage on the flower seedbeds, small grower seedbeds and green-houses. It is intended for daily usage.

Are you looking for a more powerful rotary tiller or wider working width? Have a look at VARI KF-200 rotary tiller.


  • powerful four-stroke VARI XP-140 engine
  • conical clutch and worm gearbox
  • lanced blades for easier soil loosening
  • suitable for green-houses
  • safety cover of the loosening device
  • protective discs on tiller sides


Technical parameters

Engine type VARI XP-140 
Handlebars adjustment height 
Working width 60 cm
Clutch type conical 
Article no. 4467 
EAN 5998242590821  

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