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PJGCV190 (Honda GSV 190 engine)

The PJGCV190 driving unit with the HONDA GSV190 engine is used for driving VARI gearboxes and directly connected equipment.

Product description

It was developed for the new VARI GLOBAL system and a lot of improvements were made compared with the previous generation of the VARI System driving units.

The driving unit is equipped with a new flange with a new antivibration mounting of the handlebars; the vibrations were reduced for 20 %. The handlebars have a new design focusing on the ergonomics and increasing rigidity of the main beam. It is easy to adjust the handlebars to sides and height - directly from the operator's place. The weight of the driving unit was reduced to only 23 kg; now even easier to carry. An automatic three-arm centrifugal clutch is a part of the driving unit.

Detailed information about the Honda engines can be found in the following article: HONDA engines

Technical parameters

Engine type HONDA GSV 190 
* measured according to SAE J1349 methodology 
Oil tank volume 0,55 litres
Engine power 4,8/3600/6,5 (3,8/3600/5,1)* kW/rpm/HP
Fuel tank volume 1,1 (0,91)* litres
Weight 23 kg
Article no. 4371 
EAN 8591039060438 


PJGCV190 GLOBAL (Instruction for use) PJGCV190 GLOBAL (Instruction for use) 2,3 MB Download
PJGCV190 GLOBAL (Declaration of conformity) PJGCV190 GLOBAL (Declaration of conformity) 158,4 kB Download
Honda GCV 190 (Instructions for use) Honda GCV 190 (Instructions for use) 3,4 MB Download

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Product discussion

Hello, Can alkylate gasoline be used in Honda engines? Because I would like to run my new GSV 190 engine with Motomix fuel from the STIHL brand. Best regards, Louis-Gabriel


As far as I know, the Stihl Motomix fuel is a mix of fuel and oil designed for 2-stroke engine. That's why it can't be used in this 4-stroke Honda engine. The best choice is a high-octane premium fuel without any ethanol components. Standard 95 octane fuels with added ethanol require very good care in order to avoid a carburettor clogging, because the modern garden machinery engines are very sensitive (most important: store the engine with dry carburettor; recommended: add a fuel stabilizer into the fuel, such as the one from Honda).

BR Petr Dolezal, Export dpt. VARI, a.s.

Hello, Thanks for the answer, but I must say that I was wrong! I wanted to talk about MotoPlus 4-strokes. Best regards, Louis-Gabriel

Hello Louis-Gabriel

Now I understand. You can use Moto 4 Plus for the Honda engine, it is a highly recommended type of fuel for small engines. As soon as E10 fuels become standard at petrol stations, it will probably be necessary to use such type of fuels as E10 fuels will be much worse for small engines then today's E5.

BR Petr Dolezal, Export dpt. VARI, a.s.

Hello Petr, Please excuse me for the error. I use my first GSV 190 with SP95 in which I put a stabilizer, and it works very well. But in the second I have not used yet, I will put MotoPlus. Because like you, I think it will be difficult to find the appropriate fuels for our small engines. Thanks for the help! Best regards, Louis-Gabriel

Hello Louis-Gabriel

No problem with the error. It will be nice of you if you could let us (and other readers) know about your experience with the MotoPlus in GSV 190. I think it is an interesting topic.

Thank you & Best regards Petr Dolezal, Export dpt. VARI, a.s.

Hello Petr, Ok, I will share my experience with this product after use. Have a good day! Louis-Gabriel
Hello, I used the Honda GSV190 engine with MotoPlus gasoline. It works well, the idle is stable. The cost is higher than with SP95! The 5 liter can is almost empty, it will be time to do the first drainage of this engine. Best Regards, Louis-Gabriel

Hello Louis-Gabriel

Thank you for testing the gasoline and for the information about the results. It is great that the engine works well, now we can be sure that we make no mistake if we recommend this type of fuel to our customers.

The video is very nice, thank you as well.

Best Regards Petr Dolezal, Export dpt. VARI, a.s.

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