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Kajman-55 garden shredder

The long time expected new product, which was missing in the VARI product range, is a Kajman-55 garden shredder.

Product description

The shredder is equipped with 16 serrated blades and has been designed to cope with garden waste and branches up to 5,5 cm in diameter, making perfect wood chips for composting. The machine with a robust design and the whole range of innovations fill the longtime gap in our product line. The Kajman-55 garden shredder is an implement only for the DSK-316 gearbox in all of its modifications.

  • BIO garden shredder is intended for branch crushing up to 5,5 cm
  • easy connection to the DSK-316 gearbox in all modifications
  • wide chute even for branched sprigs
  • serrated crush blades made of quenched steel
  • precise crushing of entire garden waste
  • possible to collect the wood chips in a box or a wheelbarrow
  • crushing head with 16 blades makes fibred shreds, ideal for composting  
  • safe and easy handling 


Technical parameters

Chute proportions 370 x 270 mm
Size of wood chips cca 15 mm
Branche diameter up to 55 mm
Weight 73 kg
Article no. 4431 

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Product discussion

ERIAU Louis-Gabriel
Hello, Caiman 55 is heavy. Is what dépalcer with the DSK 316 safely? Best Regards, Louis.


It is possible to travel with the shredder attached to the gearbox/minitractor for short distances only. For longer distances, use other means, for example a set of VARI minitractor (with the DSK-317 gearbox) with the ANV-350/400 trailer.

The shredder can slide on grassy surfaces; for other surfaces lift it up by pushing on the handlebars of the set. The funnel has to be placed in the lower (transport) position and the shredder drive has to be switched off during the transport.

Best Regards Petr Dolezal

ERIAU Louis-Gabriel
Hello, Thank you for the answer. I slide the shredder on the grass. Happy New Year 2015 to all the VARI team. Best Regards, Louis


Thank you, happy new year to you too.

Enjoy the work with the shredder and other VARI equipment and let us know if you have any questions.

Best Regards Petr Dolezal

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