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BDR-650V drum mower

It is a drum mower intended for all VARI driving units with the 80 mm centrifugal clutch. The transmission is so precisely set that it can be used both for four-stroke as well as for two-stroke engines.

Product description

The mower is based on the very popular Liza and Lucina mowers, which means it assumes their perfect utility features. Switching of the cutting disc drive is placed on the cutting disc cover and only the wheel driver lever is to be attached on driving unit handlebars.

Both lower and upper discs of the BDR-650V drum mower are sheet metal mouldings. The upper disc is equipped with 4 cutting blades with double-sided edges and swivel attachment. If they hit an obstacle, they turn and thus they are not damaged. The lower disc is freely rotating on the bearings and covers the screw connection of the blades with the upper disc. If handled properly, the cutting discs lasts for the whole lifetime of the mower - thanks to the new T-Bar bracing of the blade attachment which increases the firmness and endurance of the disc for more than 30 %. As the other VARI drum mowers also this one is equipped with the high-quality, resistant OPTIBELT kevlar V-belt for driving the cutting disc. The mower is also equipped with a side screen for forming a row of the cut grass stand. This machine is intended for non-EU markets only.



Technical parameters

Clutch diameter 80 mm
Intended for engines two-stroke and four-stroke 
Working width 62,2 cm
Article no. 4399 
EAN 8591039060483 


BDR-650V, 650A, 650R (Návod k používání) BDR-650V, 650A, 650R (Návod k používání) 2,8 MB Download
BDR-650V (Declaration of conformity) BDR-650V (Declaration of conformity) 138,0 kB Download

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