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RAPIDO POWER Plus wood chipper

The single-purpose wood chipper RAPIDO POWER Plus is powered by a powerful four-stroke Briggs&Stratton 950 E engine.

Product description

The wood chipper was designed to cope with branches up to 6 cm in diameter. The best way is to crush fresh branches. The more dry and tough the branches are, the more difficult it is to cope with the crushed material for such machines like shredders and chippers in general.

There is a patented system of crushing in the crushing head of the Rapido wood chipper. It is a slow-running worm garden waste shredder with a double-threaded spiral. Its big advantages are a self-feeding of the crushed material into the crushing head, high resistance and long lifetime and ten times higher working speed in comparison with standard cylindrical wood chippers.

It is equipped with a telescopic handle, so the handle doesn´t restrain the operator while working with the machine. For easier transportation is possible to push the handle out. For even better energy accumulation we use a heavier flywheel, which is placed under the crushing head and it is possible to crush the branches up to 60 mm in diameter.

Power transmission from the engine to the crushing mechanism is ensured by a high quality multi-groove V-belt from the company Optibelt (18 grooves).


  • powerful Briggs&Stratton 950 E engine
  • self-feeding of the crushed material into the crushing head
  • smooth running of the machine
  • crushing head revolutions of 540/min.
  • steel flywheel under the engine for the energy accumulation
  • approximate size of wood chips 20 mm
  • wood chips are perfect as a mulch layer or fuel
  • transport wheels and  telescopic handle


Technical parameters

Engine type Briggs&Stratton 950 E 
Branche diameter up to 60 mm
Approximate size of wood chips 20 mm
Weight 61 kg
Article no. 4502 
EAN 8591039061817  

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