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How to make a snow thrower from a mower and vice versa

How to make a snow thrower from a mower and vice versa 8. 10. 2009

Have you been surprised by the quantity of snow at middle altitudes? Do you consider buying a snow thrower, but are you afraid you will only use it a few days a year? Be clever and think: buy a mower which can easily be transformed into a snow thrower. We will advise how to do it.

For those who live at middle altitudes - where the snow doesn't fall so often but still can be annoying - it is advantageous to own the modular system as it can be used all year round.


VARI System is the most commonly used minitractor in the Czech Republic. It is built on a concept of two gearboxes and one driving unit.

The principle is simple: If you want to use a mower, mulcher, brush or snow thrower, a compact machine is needed, so that you can easily go through narrow places and make a turn. That's why we offer the small gearbox named DSK-316, equipped with a front power take-off. It is possible to connect the above mentioned accessories very quickly (in a few seconds) and without any tools - you just slide machine into the connecting part of the gearbox and lock it with a fast clamping pin. The accessories are driven by a shaft and an angular gear transmission in oil bath, similar to the solutions used for big agricultural machinery. VARI doesn't use V-belts, you won't need any spanners or reduction pulleys, which are usual disadvantages of the common, compromise minitractors/tillers. VARI is a simple system based on the brilliant principles. And the long lifetime of the VARI machines is confirmed by many users with very old machines - VARI has been on the market for 40 years.


An important detail for the work in the winter: VARI is using a TWO-STAGE snow thrower. It means it is equipped with a slow-running auger and a high-speed fan, so the efficiency of the work and the snow throwing are close to single-purpose two-stage snow throwers of the 6 HP category. It is a question of a few seconds to connect the snow thrower, you just slide it in, lock and that's it.



Off the winter season you can use the minitractor for cutting high as well as low grass, taking advantage of the simple changing of accessories, which is as comfortable as described above for the snow thrower. So you can say you can quickly transfer the mower to the snow thrower and back again, the snow thrower to the mower.




If there's not enough snow and it is not necessary to use the snow thrower, you can put a snow plough or a sweeping brush with a working width of 100 cm on the same gearbox and you can comfortably clear the snow. This solution is also advantageous for municipal services companies - our machinery can properly supplement the range of the big cleaning machinery.



Did you know that...?

All the accessories to VARI are very space-saving, they won't obstruct and the transport of the modular system is easy as well because the machine can quickly be dismantled into 3 pieces. These pieces can easily be carried by one person, loaded into a passenger car and assembled again. The engine with the handlebars and the clutch weighs 34 kg only, the DSK 316 gearbox 25 kg. And for example the weight of the SAMSON mower is 39 kg, for the snow thrower with a working width of 55 cm is it 40 kg.


As mentioned above, the VARI system is based on two gearboxes. The DSK 317 gearbox is designed for work on fields and pulling the trailer. The gearbox is equipped with 3 forward speeds and one reverse, the gear shifting is done with a lever, it is similar like in a car, so you don't have to change the V-belt position neither laboriously dismantle any covers. Before the gear is changed on a common tiller, you will be in a wood or a field with your VARI - and time is MONEY.


The DSK-317 gearbox can also be used in the winter. You can attach the same snow plough as you use with the small gearbox, or the ASR-1000 snow plough - equipped with an adjustable holder and lifting lever. You can also use the ANV-350 trailer for road sanding or similar work.



And what about the operating?

VARI is equipped with an automatic clutch. It sets the machine in motion sensitively, fluently and without impacts and what is important - you don't have to hold any uncomfortable, in the palm pressing lever as the tillers are usually equipped with.

You will be able to work with Vari all year long and what is nowadays also important, VARI helps you make your living as you can grow many plants by yourselves.

If you are about to purchase the VARI modular system, carefully study all the possibilities and consult with experts from the brand dealers of VARI. More at VARI minitractors.

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