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The tedder not only for the hay

The tedder not only for the hay 10. 11. 2016

The VARI OP-1 hay tedder is a useful helper all the year round. The owners of this machine know it very well. But what about the potential owners, who only consider a purchase? If you own a VARI system and have a large garden, a meadow or an orchard at the same time, do not hesitate about the hay tedder utilizing any longer.

Since the beginning of the spring season you can use the tedder for the active grass aeration after the winter season. You need only to adjust the height of the springs correctly using the guiding wheels and you will be surprised how many moss, old grass and mess you will get out of the grass. Your garden and grass will award you with faster start of growing the grass and good-quality growth.        

In the season of cutting long grass and hay drying comes the right time for the hay tedder. With its help, it is possible to spread the rows of the grass, turn it up and after drying rake and remove the hay very easily. The same occasion is at the end of summer holidays when cutting the aftergrass.   

Herewith the using of the OP-1 hay tedder doesn´t end. The autumn season is full of leaves and other mess in our gardens. You can use the tedder during the November and the turn of December again for raking the fallen leaves. At the same time, you will realize the autumn aeration of the grass.

And the best at the end. The VARI tedders as the only tedders on the market are equipped with the accessories even for the winter season. The rubber snow blades can be placed onto the raking springs very easily and no tools are needed. The tedder becomes a very efficient sweeper of new-fallen snow with the working width of 100 or 120 cm. Thus it is an ideal helper for cleaning or continuous cleaning of new-fallen snow in the lower and middle altitudes, it cleans perfectly access roads, pavements, yards and all the paths on your grounds.      

In case your garden is really large, there is no better recommendation than to connect the AV-650 seat, which is equipped with the shoe brakes and the sprung seat. You won´t have to walk behind the tedder, but you will drive comfortably.  

See the pictures and especially the videos of year-round work of the VARI tedder and you will realize that it is a good investment to own the hay tedder, which save your time and money for the single purpose machines. The OP-1 hay tedders will be at your disposal all the year round. Yours VARI.