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  1. Please read the FAQ - frequently asked questions before you enter the discussions section. You'll find answers to the most frequent questions from the users.
  2. If you have a question regarding a product from our current product range, please preferably use the PRODUCT DISCUSSION at the page of the respective product.
  3. Before you establish a new topic, first use the SEARCH THE DISCUSSIONS function and go through the topics and entries which were found. It is possible that someone already asked a question similar to yours and an answer is already available. If your question concerns a similar matter, add your entry to this older topic. If not, establish a new topic.
  4. The discussions administrator reserves the right to change the text in the Topic subject field to make it clearer for other users and to make the searching in the discussions easier.
  5. Don't offend anyone and don't assault on anyone for his/her language skills. Not everyone is so well educated as you are and English is not the native tongue for everyone. Don't use vulgar words nor offensive lanugage; everything can be solved cool headed. Improper entries will be deleted without any notice. If these rules are repeatedly broken, the access of such user will be blocked.
  6. Keep in mind that you are discussing on the web site of the VARI company. Please refrain from comments on products of other producers and brands as well as comparisons with our products. Other discussions can be found on the internet for such topics.
  7. Don't use our web site for personal discussions and publicity for your business. We don't allow any used machinery demands and offers in our discussions, such as "I sell", "I buy", "I change", etc. Such entries will be deleted without any notice.
  8. We don't answer questions regarding the intellectual property of VARI, a.s. We don't publish the drawings nor production procedures.
  9. The discussions administrator reserves the right to change the rules above or add new rules without prior notice.
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