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Slope access ability of the HONDA GCV/GSV engines

Slope access ability of the HONDA GCV/GSV engines 11. 2. 2014

What is the real slope access ability of the Honda GCV/GSV engines?

First of all - with regard to the safety of the work with the machie - the slope access ability is 7 - 12 degrees. It is sufficient to prevent any danger for the machine operator. Another figure is the real slope access ability of the engines under which they can reliably work without a risk of their damage. VARI equips the machines with modern HONDA engines with the OHC system. The oil is very reliably distributed in the entire engine using the toothed belt of the valve train, immersed in the oil bath. Combined with the spraying lubrication, the absolutely safe slope access ability of the HONDA GCV/GSV engines is 30-35 degrees in all directions. It significantly surpasses the possibilities of the engines with the SV and OHV systems which are lubricated with spraying only.

Some technical materials of HONDA say that it is even 45 degrees for a short term in combined inclination. Our internal tests didn't show any problems with the engine lubrication even with a long term inclination of 40 degrees (mowing of long sections of highway embankments). If you want to use your engine in inclinations, pay attention most of all to these factors:

- sufficient quantity of an engine oil of high quality, grade at least SAE 10W30, reaching the top mark (don't screw the dipstick in when measuring the oil level)

- regular inspections and oil changing based on working hours of the engine (you can use the VARI Power Meter - supplied separately)

- start and warm the engine up on a flat surface

- often change the inclination (both vertical and horizontal) when using the machine on a slope.

If these principles are kept, your HONDA GCV/GSV engine will reliably serve you in slopes as well and it is not necessary to use obsolete two-stroke engines which are slowly leaving the market. Always use the VARI machines in reasonable inclinations, so that your safety as well as the safety of other persons in the vicinity are not put in danger. The machine owner/user is fully responsible for possible damages on the machine, property and/or health if the machine is used in higher inclinations than stated in the instructions for use and in the safety pictographs on the machine.