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Agatha drum mower

Agatha drum mower 16. 5. 2014

The VARI drum mowers pass through a continual technical process of development and innovations. That´s why a brand new generation of drum mowers constructed on new much tougher frames with higher torsion strength arose. The Agatha drum mowers line-up is available in three motorizations – powered either by VARI XP-200, Briggs&Stratton 675 SeriesTM or HONDA GCV 160 engine.

The asymmetric cutting disc cover made of HDG (hot-dip galvanized) metal sheet is a revolutionary novelty used for the first time for the drum mower. Thanks to this new solution the drum mower cuts and makes rows from the cut high grass even better and is extremely safe for the operator as well. The whole range of new technical features such as a new reinforced T-Bar bracing of the blade attachment, an easily accessible carrying loop, a new bolt for fastening and adjustment of the handlebars improve the operator´s comfort. The fixed drive axle and one travel speed ensure comfortable control when mowing and great slope accessability.

Both upper and lower discs of the Agatha drum mower are sheet-metal mouldings. The upper disc is equipped with 4 cutting blades and swivel attachment. If they hit an obstacle, they turn and thus they are not damaged. The lower disc is freely rotating on the bearings and covers the screw connection of the blades with the upper disc. The new reinforced T-Bar bracing of the blades increases the strength and endurance of the disc for more than 30%. Therefore the cutting disc will endure for the whole life time of the drum mower when treated well. One of the professional solutions is also using a jaw brake of the cutting disc, which stops the disc within 5 seconds in case of a danger. Using the innovated Optibelt kevlar V-belt for the cutting disc drive is a matter of course by the whole range of VARI drum mowers.