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Drum mowers

Drum mowers 6. 2. 2014

We've specialized in the production of drum mowers since 1997. Since then the VARI drum mowers passed through a long technical process of development. They meet strict EU safety standards and belong to the most modern mowers on the market nowadays.

There are many elements which make the VARI drum mowers so unique. At the first place, it is the revolutionary design of the double cutting disc which, due to the reinforced edges, absorbs hits and is much more resistant to deformations. All of our cutting discs are equipped with four pivoted blades. Since 2013 they have been equipped with a new system of blade attachment - so-called T-Bar, which increase the circumferential solidity of the disc for more than 30°. At the same time it increases the safety of the blade attachment. It the blade hits an obstacle, it hides inside the disc and doesn't get damaged. The cutting system is equipped with a high quality safety brake with brake shoes with ceramic lining. It stops the disc within five seconds.

The VARI drum mowers have robust design resistant to damages, simple and intuitive controls, and independent switching of wheel and blade drives. They are lightweight and well balanced not only for the work on a flat ground but even on slopes where they don’t overturn back to the handlebars (common disadvantage of the competition machines). All the drum mowers are provided with a side screen, due which is the grass laid into rows and thus prepared to be easily raked.

All VARI drum mowers are powered with the latest HONDA and Briggs & Stratton engines with big power and high torque, which are the most important parameters for mowing of high and dense grass.

The combination of the above mentioned design and safety elements, powerful engines and highly effective wheel drive, which you don’t have to help up the hill, well-advised covers perfectly protecting the user - all these elements ranges the VARI drum mowers on the top in their category.