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Mulchers 6. 2. 2014

The most of grassy areas owners only need to cut the grass once a while and keep their land tidy. They don’t want to solve problems how to deal with the mowed grass. Mulchers and brush cutters with mulching blade are the best choice for these users.

The mulchers and brush cutters with mulching blade are meant to maintain irregularly mowed areas. The grass is chopped by the blade in a specially designed working space into small pieces. It doesn’t have to be raked. It stays on the ground where it becomes natural fertilizer. You can mulch both fresh juicy grass and the dry vegetation. Unlike the competition machines, the height of the grass is not restricted just recommended.

The mulchers and brush cutters with mulching blade surpass the competition in robustness, compact design enabling easy manipulation, set of unique technical features, safety elements preventing from possible harm, and unlimited usage range.

The mulchers and brush cutters with mulching blade are suitable to mulch large areas in parks and orchards; they won’t let you down during maintaining the vineyards, roadsides and ditches. They are irreplaceable for maintaining mountain growths or hardly accessible areas.

We offer three types of HURRICANE mulchers/brush cutters with mulching blade: F-550, F-600 and F-700. The HURRICANE mulchers and brush cutters have robust design, solid GATOR mulcher blade, and are equipped with hi-tech HONDA engines. The F-550 HURRICANE brush cutter with the very powerful Honda GCV 190 engine, two forward speeds, HDG (hot-dip galvanized) cutting space, and very sturdy frame was released in 2012. The solid drive axle and front guiding spur enable to cut unmaintained areas and self-seeded shrubbery in the hills and ditches.

Applied design solutions, together with powerful engines, classify VARI mulchers/brush cutters with mulching blade to the top products on the European market.