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Two-wheel minitractors

Two-wheel minitractors 6. 2. 2014

The heart of the modular system is made of a HONDA driving unit with handlebars and an automatic centrifugal clutch. It can drive two basic gearboxes – DSK-316 and DSK-317. The driving unit can be moved from one gearbox to the other one in a very simple way. Thanks to the fact that there are two types of the gearbox available, each customer can get a machine assembled exactly to his requirements.


(VARI GLOBAL minitractors)
The three-speed gearbox with a reverse DSK-317 is designed for ploughing, where we need a heavy machine with large wheels and good adhesion. The ploughing unit, with a weight of 250 kg, allows ploughing up to a depth of 18 cm. It is possible to connect following accessories to the machine: swing plough, one-way plough, digging share, cultivator, adjustable smoothing harrow, spike-tooth harrow, cultivator with roller, potato hiller, dozer blade and tipping trailer approved for use on local roads. With a simple exchange of the drive axle for a set of tiller blades we get a rotary tiller with a working width from 60 to 125 cm with a possibility to choose a tiller device based on the soil type (light and medium heavy - right-angled blades, heavy - lance blades).


For mowing and municipal maintenance works we need a small and very lightweight machine, which must fit under the bushes in the garden, must not damage the lawn and it must be easy to handle with it. These requirements are met by the DSK-316 gearbox with a power take-off. It is compact and lightweight and work with it is very comfortable. Quick change of accessories (using a detent pin) allows using this set all year round for municipal work, such as mowing, mulching, sweeping, hay raking and tedding and snow clearing. When you work on large areas, it is possible to connect the AV-650 two-wheeled seat with a spring-suspended seat and a brake to make the work easier.

No universal machine in the performance class of 4-6 HP can meet so contending requirements of the customers. Thanks to 45 years of experience VARI uses the conception of one driving unit and two gearboxes. It enables an effective solution of all of the customer's requirements for work in a field, a garden, a greenhouse or for professionals working in municipal services and cleaning small and medium-sized areas.