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BDR-720D Adela Pro

The BDR-720D ADELA PRO brush cutter follows up the traditional famous Adela drum mower. It is driven by a new generation HONDA GCV200 engine and equipped with an additional safety cover.


Product description

Do you know that the ADELA PRO brush cutter is the first professional single purpose drum mower/brush cutter with the reverse speed and with the hitch for connecting the AV-650 seat?

The BRD-720D ADELA PRO is a new generation of drum mowers/brush cutters, which follows up the tradition of the successful BDR-620 ADELA. It is a professional heavy-duty machine. In comparison with the traditional Adela, the Adela Pro takes pride in new unique features.

The ADELA PRO is driven by a HONDA GCV200 engine, which is a new generation of engines with the power of 6,5 HP and the torque of 12,7 Nm. The brush cutter chassis is built on pressed parts, that are also used on a popular RAPTOR HYDRO multifunctional carrier. This ensures the great rigidity of the chassis in heavy conditions. The gearbox has four forward speeds and one reverse and it is equipped with the differential for easy turning. It drives big 10” wheels with a grass pattern, a wide gauge and a perfect adhesion. Moreover, this drum mower has a very low center of gravity so that is clear that the ADELA PRO won´t be stopped by the grass not only on plains but on 20 degrees slopes as well. The BDR-720D ADELA PRO is also equipped with an additional safety cover of the cutting drum.

The working tool of this brush cutter is a cutting drum with four blades and the working width of 70 cm – a very robust pressed part with an allover steel lower disc, which prevents the blade support. The T-Bar bracing of the blades increases a circumferential toughness of the cutting drum and its whole lifetime. The plastic cover of the cutting drum refers to the original Adela drum mower, but this one is equipped with a reinforcement against the damage and at the same time it is used as a handle for easier carrying of the machine. The handlebars are height and side adjustable directly from the operator’s place. There is an antivibration dumping item in the handlebar junction, which absorbs the vibrations. The operator´s comfort is furthermore improved with ergonomic levers on handlebars with a low pressure to the hands and air chambers in the grips that eliminates the micro vibrations. Thus, the work with the ADELA PRO brush cutter is very precise and comfortable.


  • HONDA GCV200 engine of the new generation meets the strict EURO V exhaust emission regulation
  • 4 + R change gearbox
  • cutting drum with a working width of 70 cm
  • BDR-720D brush cutter is equipped with an additional safety cover
  • new handlebar construction (side and height adjustment, antivibration dumping item)
  • big wheels with a perfect adhesion on grass
  • excellent manoeuvrability in the orchards or other narrow places
  • service and parking brake
  • hitch for connecting the AV-650 seat

Technical parameters

Engine HONDA GCV200 
Engine displacement 201 cm3
Engine category 6 HP
Torque 12,7 N.m
Technology OHV 
Oil filling volume in engine 0,4 litres
Engine oil grade 10W-30 
Fuel tank volume 0,91 litres
Guaranteed slope access ability 20° 
Area performance up to 3 199 m2/h
Number of blades
Working width 70 cm
Cutting height 4 cm
Drive change gearbox  
Number of speeds 4 + R 
Travel speed 1,88 - 2,76 - 3,29 - 4,57 / R 2,58 kph
Oil filling volume in a gearbox 0,5 litres
Gearbox oil grade GL-5 / 85W-90 API / SAE 
Handlebars adjustment height and side 
Weight 81 kg
Article no. 4555 
EAN 8591039062593 


BDR-720D Adela Pro (Instructions for use) BDR-720D Adela Pro (Instructions for use) 4,5 MB Download

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