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CB-1000 sweeping brush

The CB-1000 single purpose brush is a year-round helper for sweeping bulk material or new-fallen snow. It is driven by a HONDA GCV170 engine.


Product description

The CB-1000 sweeping brush is equipped with a HONDA GCV170 engine of a new generation and sweeping brushes with the working width of 100 cm. It excels in a great compactness, a perfect manoeuvrability, a high sweeping performance and a wide range of accessories. The machine design is taken over from the professional machines with the spiral arrangement of bristles. It is a perfect year-round helper for cleaning hard surfaces in towns, municipalities or company premises.

The sweeping brush is built on an innovated chassis, which goes from the previous CB-80 model, but is markedly improved. The bristles pressure is possible to adjust continuously using the front wheel, the change of sweeping brushes is very easy thanks to a new support of brushes. Moreover, the working width is variable at this new CB sweeper – width of brushes is either 80 or 100 cm. The new model has a wider wheel gauge in comparison with the previous type. The CB-1000 machine is thus even more stable, it has a better manoeuvrability and there is a possibility to use snow chains. The handlebars are identic with the drum mover and mulcher handlebars, height adjustable and the handles are equipped with handgrips with air chambers, which eliminate micro vibrations.  The CB-1000 sweeping brush can be complemented with a wide range of accessories.



  • new generation of CB sweeping brushes
  • HONDA GCV170 engine
  • identical handlebars with drum mowers and mulchers
  • new chassis construction, continuous adjustment of the front wheel
  • two speeds, side adjustment of the sweeping brushes
  • easy change of working width thanks to a new support of brushes
  • wider wheel gauge – possible to use snow chains

Technical parameters

Engine HONDA GCV170 
Engine type OHV 
Handlebars adjustment height 
Travel speed 2,7 - 3,8 kph
Torque 11,1 N.m
Engine power 5,5 HP
Area performance 2 784 -3 775 m2/h
Oil filling volume in engine 0,4 litres
Working width 100 cm
Engine displacement 167 cm3
Engine oil grade 10W-30 
Number of adjustment positions
Weight 74 kg
Article no. 4591 

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