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PJXP200A - 120 mm

The PJXP200A driving unit with a four-stroke VARI XP-200A engine and a 120 mm centrifugal clutch is intended especially for the owners of AGZAT system.


Product description

The four-stroke OHV engine with a displacement of 196 ccm and with a cast-iron cylinder sleeve will be a reliable heart of VARI minitractors.

Since 2020 is the PJXP200A driving unit driven by a VARI XP-200A engine, which meets the strict EURO 5 emission standards. The aluminium flange has an antivibration handlebar attachment to minimalize the vibrations in handles. There are grips with air chambers, which eliminate micro vibrations. We emphasize ergonomics and operator´s comfort when designing the handlebars. The handlebars are height and side adjustable directly from the operator´s place. Thanks to the low weight of c. 29 kg is it possible to carry the driving unit very easily either to another chassis or for example for transport or storage. The three-jaw centrifugal clutch is a part of the driving unit.


  • meets the Euro 5 emission standards
  • ecological four-stroke VARI XP-200 engine 
  • low fuel consumption approx. 0,8 liter/hour
  • easy starting
  • cast-iron cylinder sleeve
  • high torque over 10 Nm
  • new flange and handlebars with diameter of 25 mm
  • integrated antivibration mounting
  • height and side adjustment of the handlebars from the operator´s place
  • 120 mm automatic centrifugal clutch 
  • weight 29 kg

Technical parameters

Engine type OHV 
Engine displacement 196 cm3
Guaranteed slope access ability 20°  
Handlebars adjustment height and side 
Power category 6 HP / 10 Nm 
Cylinder sleeve yes 
Clutch type centrifugal 120 mm 
Weight 29 kg
Article no. 4465 

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