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LSE-120 bar mower

The LSE-120 bar mower is intended for all modifications of the DSK-316 gearbox. Its return to the production was required by our foreign partners but the bar mowers have their friends in the Czech Republic as well, that’s why this product is back in our offer.

Product description

The high-quality ESM cutter bar (Germany) has a working width of almost 120 cm, high area capacity of 2 500 m2/hr and very careful cutting way enabling fast regeneration of grass. Together with the DSK-316 gearbox and Honda engine, this traditional machine for cutting high grass is a powerful helper on well-kept meadows or mountain pastures.

  • for all DSK-316 gearboxes
  • working width of 117 cm
  • German quality of ESM
  • fingerless version
  • big working width for good price


Technical parameters

Area performance 2500 m2/h
Working width 117 cm
Cutting height cca 4 cm
Drive stroke 55 mm
Drive revolutions 982 min-1
Accessories transport cover of cutter bar 
Article no. 4309 

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Product discussion

Andrew Ray
Is the needle bearing on the end of the "nahon" coming filled already with grease, or must I put grease through the grease fitting first before use?


It should be filled from the production. You should add the grease after 8 working hours.

Best Regards Petr Dolezal

Andrew Ray
In the end I added anyway, so a small waste of grease, no big deal. I've used this now for about 10 hours and must say that its great. It was neccesary for me to buy this to cut our 2 hectares of fields because all of the neighbors who have drum mowers for the tractors either have them broken or else do not want to mow another field for fear of breaking. The fields were in some places overgrown with two years of growth of weeds including hard, dry stalks. The LSE-120 had no problem with this. As well it happily cut through small trees (to around 30mm diameter), rose bushes, and blackberries. During the first hour of cutting I hit a 10mm metal rebar (roxor) rod which had been left in the field supporting a fence. The rod went between the teeth and seemed to cause the machines clutch to slip. Because of surprise it took me a few seconds to release the emergency stop. I was afraid of the worst, but upon examination found only a very small dent in the knife of the cutting bar and that one of the screws holding on the drive head became loose from the vibration. So it was only a short delay and I was again cutting without a problem. After 7 hours of use I sharpened the blades and adjusted the bar according to the instructions from the ESM-EPT company. It would be good if Vari translated these instructions to Czech for your Czech-Slovak client base. I found the Vari supplied maintenance instructions for the LSE-120 to be defficient in that regard. I do not know why there is a bias against the "listova kosacka" in Slovakia, but in the two stores that I visited affiliated with the Šupa company (Novator, Košice and VP-TECHNIKA, Michalovce) there was an obvious bias against the bar mower in favor of drum mowers. Perhaps this is from earlier generations of the technology, but what you offer now is great! The only thing I wish is that the DSK-316 offered a second, higher speed. In wide open fields where I do not have obstacles I find the pace I am walking to be quite slow. I know that machines produced by swiss firms using the same ESM cutterbar offer speeds from 0-6km/h. There are two other major advantages: 1) adjust-ability of cutting height. For cutting overgrown areas I use the maximum 10cm height, which reduces the risk of hitting unseen objects on the unkept field. 5cm is the ideal height when cutting hay-grass to get quick, healthy regrowth of grass (even if it looks horrible to a Slovak neighbor to leave that high stubble). 2) lightness of the machine. If I see a small stump or other obstacle in my path, it is usually sufficient to just push down on the handle-bar and tip the machine up so the mower-bar passes over the obstacle rather than diverting my path.

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