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SF-55 snow thrower

The SF-55 snow thrower is an implement only for the DSK-316 gearbox in all of its modifications.

Product description

It is used for removing new-fallen snow from parking places, streets, pavements and paths with a solid and flat surface. Frozen powder snow can be thrown to the distance of up to 10 m. The direction of snow throwing is adjusted from the operator's place.

Innovation: the auger cutting the snow is now serrated. Thanks to this feature the SF-55 snow thrower copes with frozen snow even better.

The SF-55 snow thrower is very easily connected: insert it into the gearbox power take-off, secure it with the detent pin and you can start working in a few seconds.



Technical parameters

Length x width x height 500 x 570 x 690 mm
Working width 55 cm
Snow throwing capacity 400 - 500 kg/min
Snow throwing distance up to 10 m
Fan diameter 28 cm
Weight 42 kg
Article no. 3677 
EAN 8591039039052 

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