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DSK-317/S gearbox

The DSK-317/S three-speed gearbox with a reverse is intended for TERRA-VARI systems, where "axle pin" is needed for gripping of drive axle and loosening device.

Product description

The DSK-317/S three-speed gearbox with a reverse is designed for ploughing, where we need a heavy machine with large wheels and good adhesion. The ploughing unit, with a weight of 250 kg, allows ploughing up to a depth of 18 cm.

It is possible to connect following accessories to the machine: swing plough, one-way plough, digging share, cultivator, adjustable smoothing harrow, spike-tooth harrow, cultivator with roller, potato hiller, dozer blade and tipping trailer approved for use on local roads. With a simple exchange of the drive axle for a set of tiller blades we get a rotary tiller with a working width from 25 to 115 cm with a possibility to choose a tiller device based on a soil type (light, medium heavy - right-angled blades, heavy - lance blades).

Technical parameters

Oil filling volume in a gearbox 1,75 litres
Gearbox oil grade SAE90, 80W-90 
Type of gearbox DSK-317/S 
Number of speeds 3+1R 
Travel speed 2,9 - 9,5 - 12,5 - R3,1 kph
Article no. 3421 
EAN 8591039001271 


DSK-317/S (Instructions for use) DSK-317/S (Instructions for use) 385,0 kB Download

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