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PN-200 drawing winch

The PN-200 drawing winch with a mechanical control and a pulling force of 200 kg is intended for ground skidding and pulling down wood. 


Product description

The PN-200 drawing winch is a great helper for pulling down wood or ground skidding from inaccessible places or windbreaks. If you need to pull down wood just hang out the witch onto the VARI TK-01 third wheel, there is no need to use tools. In case of ground skidding connect the PN-200 winch to the BZN-002 hitch. A stainless rope with the length of 10 m and a diameter of 4 mm, a lock and a hook assembly are a part of the drawing winch.

We would recommend to use the inner weight to the wheels and the 33kg weight, which is a part of a BZN-002 complete hitch, when using the PN-200 winch with the TK-01 third wheel. You will achieve a maximal adhesion for transport of heavy timbers. Do not forget to use the TN-GLOBAL snow chains for work in the woods and forests.

  • connected to the TK-01 third wheel or to the BZN-002 hitch
  • rope with the length of 10 m, possible to prolong
  • stainless rope with the diameter of 4 mm
  • zinc surface treatment


Technical parameters

Rope length 10 m
Rope diameter 4 mm
Weight 6 kg
Article no. 4557 
EAN 8591039062197  

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