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SM-01 Assembly stand

The SM-01 assembly stand is an accessory for an easy changeover of the minitractors without an axle pin (VARI IV GLOBAL) and the minitractors with an axle pin (TERRA and VARI IV) for example to the rotary tiller or for assembling/disassembling the ploughing wheels and girdles. It could serve also as a supporting leg when parking the minitractor and for the stabilisation.


Product description

The SM-01 assembly stand is a perfect helper not only for the owners of VARI IV GLOBAL minitractors, but for the owners of the minitractors with an axle pin, TERRA and VARI IV, as well. It is intended especially for those customers, who use it for soil works. The assembly stand is connected to the Z-01 hitch using the pin.

After assembling the stand to the minitractor it is possible to mount also the BZN-002 hitch. When you tilt the minitractor with the help of the SM-01 stand, you can change the rotary device for the drive axle very easily. The same principle is when installing the ploughing wheels, ploughing girdles and snow chains. The SM-01 is also possible to use as a supporting leg when parking the minitractor.


  • easy connection to the gearbox
  • enables quick change of the rotary device for wheels
  • save labour when installing snow chains, ploughing wheels and girdles
  • stabilization of the minitractor when parking


Technical parameters

Weight 8 kg
Article no. 4566 
EAN 8591039062302 

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