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VARI KP-700 swivel log saw

The swivel log saw is suitable for home safe preparing of metrical or firewood up to the log diameter of 25 cm.


Product description

The VARI KP-700 swivel log saw has a robust construction and a powerful electric engine, which drives a saw blade. The special designed construction of the electromotor and the shaft support enable the Direct drive of the log saw. The work safety is ensured by the special construction and a movable cover, which covers the disc for the whole time of cutting the wood. The swivel cover with indents prevents the logs from slipping. The saw is equipped with transport wheels for easy manipulation and transport. For connecting the log saw a supply cable with five wires is needed. The plug is five-polar (16 A).


  • heavy duty and compact construction
  • Direct Drive from the engine
  • restrictor of log rotation while sawing
  • cradle returning using the spring
  • saw blade with the diameter of 700 mm
  • tool for changing the circular-saw blade
  • hard metal saw blade


Technical parameters

Engine 400V / 50Hz / 5000W / IP54  
Plug 16A / 5P (3P+N+PE) connector 
Circuit breaker 16 A - rating C 
Log size 25 cm / 20 - 100 cm diam/leng.
Blade diameter 700 mm
Jag number 64 
Weight 93 kg
Article no. 3682 
EAN 8591039061473  

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