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INSTART - a technology that combines comfort and power!

INSTART - a technology that combines comfort and power! 7. 5. 2018

Do you long for a powerful drum mower, but are you afraid of starting? Do you think you don´t have enough energy to pull the starting rope? Do you fight with the engine? Don´t worry, we are here with the first drum mower worldwide powered by a Briggs&Stratton InStart engine. This year we place also a mulcher with the InStart technology on the market.

One touch starting! It is so easy.

The DS-521BiS Agatha drum mower is driven by a modern four-stroke Briggs&Stratton 675 iS engine, the BDR-620DBiS Dorotha drum mower with a safety cover and the F-580BiS Hurricane MaX mulcher are power by a Briggs&Stratton 875 iS engine, all of the engines in the InStart version.

What is actually the INSTART?

LOGO INSTART is a technology of a primer, a starting battery and an automatic choke (ReadyStart), which is fully integrated into a mower/mulcher engine.

A part of the drum mower is a smart charger, which charges and keeps the battery in the best conditions at the same time. Just charge and clip in the battery and start with one touch of the button.

...charge it! ...clip it! ...mow!


  • Minimal 50 starts after full battery charging. According to the testing manages even 75 starts.
  • The battery is equipped with a diode indicator, so that you always know the charging level.
  • At the same time is the battery a safety element without which it is not possible to start the machine.
  • The battery is very small and lightweight, easy to carry in a pocket and to store at home. Placing the battery out of reach of the children, you can be sure they will not start the machine.

A full charge takes 60 minutes, but after 10 minutes it is possible to use the battery for 10 starts. 

One touch starting – the easiest starting ever.

start - stopThe starting panel of the machine with the INSTART technology is equipped with buttons for a safe start and safe switching off the engine.

The starting panel is placed directly on the guide handles, where the hand throttle is mostly situated.

No more pulling, no more priming, no more choking.



AGATHA DS-521, DS-521B, DS-521Z


  • hand starting – pulling the starting rope
  • ajudsting the engine revolutions – hand throttle
  • electric starting – push-button on a starting panel
  • no more choking
  • no more adjusting the working revolutions

Beginning from this year you will find the INSTART technology also in the VARI lawnmower range. The MP1 504 BiS lawnmower is equipped with a Briggs&Stratton 575iS engine with the electric starting.

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