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VARI 18 TON SUPER FORCE log splitter

The professional VARI 18 TON SUPER FORCE log splitter is intended for the most demanding usage, which exceeds common demands for home wood splitting.


Product description

Thanks to a powerful three-phase electric engine with a power of 4500 W, 400 V is the splitting force of the log splitter 18 tons. The log splitter has two splitting speeds and low base, which enables to roll in the heavier logs and it is not necessary to pick them up. The integrated log lift helps to raise heavy logs. Moreover, it is equipped with the integrated log lift connected to the piston, which helps to raise heavy logs.

The VARI 18 TON SUPER FORCE log splitter meets the new EU safety regulations. Except for the standard both-handed control is the log splitter equipped with a new bigger safety arm and a transport wheel placed near the handles, which makes the transport of the log splitter much easier. The left controlling handle has an additional grip to ensure better stability of the logs.


The log splitter is equipped with a FORCE system, which enables to adjust the working distance of the piston exactly to the logs length. The system saves time for preparing the piston to the starting position and thereby reduces the splitting time period.

Big wheels together with the third wheel at the handles, the possibility to decline the piston and to tilt aside holders make the storage and manipulation with the machine very easy.

For connecting the log splitter, a supply cable with five wires is needed. The plug is five-polar (16 A).

Do you need a more powerful helper? Have a look at the professional VARI 22 TON SUPER FORCE log splitter.


  • professional vertical hydraulic log splitter with the electromotor
  • 18 ton splitting force
  • robust construction – total weight of 262 kg
  • stable frame and robust wide wedge
  • two working speeds 
  • possibility to decline the piston for easy transport and storage
  • phase convertor as a part of switch
  • big travelling wheels and the third wheel for easy manipulation
  • safe both handed operation eliminates injury
  • log lift and safety frame
  • meets the newest EU safety regulations


Technical parameters

Engine 400V 50Hz 4500W IP54 
Plug 16A / 5P (3P+N+PE) connector 
Circuit breaker 16 A - rating C 
Log size 8 - 32 cm / 56 -110 cm diam/leng.
Piston speed 4,8 and 6,4  cm/s
Splitting force 18 t
Hydraulic pressure 27,8 MPa
Length of piston move 94,8 mm
Weight 262 kg
Article no. 3703 
EAN 8591039061954 


VARI 18 TON SUPER FORCE (Instruction for use) VARI 18 TON SUPER FORCE (Instruction for use) 4,0 MB Download

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