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Samson-56 drum mower

The SAMSON-56 drum mower is an implement only for the DSK-316 gearbox in all of its modifications. It is used for mowing high grass on maintained, yearly mowed plots. The cut grass is spread by the disc and ready for drying. When the side screen is used, the grass remains in rows for easier collecting.

Product description

Both lower and upper discs of the SAMSON-56 drum mower are sheet-metal pressings. Four cutting blades with double-sided cutting edges are pivoted in the upper disc. The lower disc is freely rotating on bearings and covers the bolted connection of the blades with the upper disc. The power transmission from the power take-off of the DSK-316 gearbox to the mowing drum is made by hypoid gears working in oil bath.

SAMSON-56 is equipped with unified patent-protected double mowing disc with inclined seating of four blades. The blade fixation is swinging and thus protected against damage. The reinforced disc edge ensures longer lifetime. This version is intended for non-EU markets only.

The SAMSON-56 implement is very easily connected: insert it into the gearbox power take-off, secure it with the detent pin and you can start working in a few seconds. 


Technical parameters

Number of blades
Working width 56 cm
Cutting height cca 4 cm
Type of gearbox angled 
Oil filling volume in a gearbox 0,15 litres
Gearbox oil grade SAE90, 80W-90 
Blade surface speed 58 m/s
Blade revolutions 1963 min-1
Blade brake no 
Accessories side screen 
Length x width x height 685 x 800 x 615 mm
Weight 40 kg
Article no. 3648 
EAN 8591039002339 


Samson-56 (Instructions for use) Samson-56 (Instructions for use) 593,5 kB Download

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