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ANV-400 tipping trailer

The ANV-400 uniaxial tipping trailer is a bigger and more robust follower of the popular model ANV-350. The tipping trailer is a useful helper for all gardeners, planters, farmers or municipal services. The trailer has higher loading capacity, so that it could be used for transport of timber from woods, construction materials, spreadings, etc.

Product description

Thanks to the lower centre of gravity, comfortable sprung adjustable seat made of sheet metal and big 12” wheels with VARI ROAD TRACK pattern the operating comfort was improved in comparison with the previous type ANV-350 tipping trailer. Big wheels ensure good pass ability through the terrain, markedly wider wheel gauge and lower center of gravity of the loading increase the stability of the VARI minitractor in the terrain. The ball bearings in the wheels for longer lifetime and better wheel rolling are the matter of course even by the utilization of maximum loading capacity. The trailer is equipped with drum brakes with a foot pedal, a hand brake, a tipping body with removable rear side and set of reflecting glasses. New are four lugs on the sides of body for easy gripping of the cargo.


Technical parameters

Machine brake hand and foot shoe brake 
Tyres 5.00-12 VARI Road Track 
Length x width x height 2853x1334x987 mm
Trailer wheel gauge 1174 mm
Loading capacity 400 kg
Weight 125 kg
Article no. 4410 
EAN 8591039060551 


ANV-400 (Instructions for use) ANV-400 (Instructions for use) 3,8 MB Download

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