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DSK-317.1/S gearbox

The innovated gearbox of time-proven design has a heavy-duty cast-iron case; the gears and the worm gear work in oil bath.

Product description

The DSK-137.1 gearbox has completely waterproof bottom part thanks to the unique cassette oil seals, which are used for the first time at the minitractors. Thanks to the new solution of the gearbox output shaft it is possible to replace the TN-GLOBAL drive axle with the KUK or KUR rotary tiller devices quickly and without any tools.

The gearbox is equipped with three forward speeds and one reverse, that are shifted using a gear lever, so it is not necessary to change V-belts in comparison with the competitive products.

The first gear ("1") is used for example for ploughing, soil cultivating before potato planting or driving with cargo in a heavy terrain or up the hill.

Using the second gear ("2") you can drive with the trailer and for example bring wood from a forest or you can plough snow with a dozer blade. This gear is also used for cultivating the soil with the rotary tiller.

The third gear ("3") quickly drives the minitractor on the roads with hard surface.

Perfect helper while working on a field is the arrestment of gears. If you plug the arrestment pin in (in neutral - "0" - position) you can only shift the first gear ("1") and reverse ("R"), which makes the handling of the minitractor easier and simpler, e.g. when you are ploughing.

For gearbox drive can be used either the new VARI GLOBAL driving units or the original VARI System driving units. 

Technical parameters

Type of gearbox DSK-317.1/S 
Number of speeds 3+1R 
Gearbox oil grade GL-4 (GL-5) / 80W-90 (90H) API / SAE 
Article no. 4224 
EAN 8591039059821 


DSK-317.1/S VARI GLOBAL (Instruction for use) DSK-317.1/S VARI GLOBAL (Instruction for use) 2,3 MB Download

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