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BDR-650V drum mower

The BDR-650V drum mower is a self-propelled chassis for long grass cutting. The drum mower is intended for all VARI driving units with the 80 mm centrifugal clutch and for four-stroke driving units only.


Product description

The BDR-650V drum mower got through a great innovation, which is based on the AGATHA drum mower line. The base is a tough resistant frame with an asymmetric HDG cover of the cutting disc, which enables better direction of the cut grass and its laying into rows and at the same time ensures a perfect operator´s safety. A working tool of the drum mower is a four-bladed cutting disc – a very robust pressed part with an allover steel fender apron, which protects the blade bracing. The T-Bar bracing of the blades increases a circumferential toughness of the cutting drum and its whole lifetime. For better adhesion even in the more demanding conditions are the 6” wheels on a fixed axle. The chassis is equipped with a flange for connecting the VARI driving units. The drive lever is fixed to the handlebars of the driving unit using two wing nuts, but the cutting control lever is placed directly on the drum mower and enables to switch the cutting drum directly from the operator´s place. Thus, the cutting with the BDR-650V drum mower is very precise and comfortable.

Thanks to the strap holders integrated directly to the machine frame for better fixation of the machine during the transport meets the BDR-650V drum mower a strict EU norm for safe transport of loadings.


  • solid drive axle for better adhesion
  • tough and resistant frame
  • pressed cutting drum with four swivel blades
  • reinforced T-Bar bracing of the blades
  • HDG asymmetric cover of the cutting disc
  • perfect maneuverability thanks to the low center of gravity
  • independent switching of drive and cutting
  • side cover for laying cut grass into rows
  • aluminous worm gearbox
  • Optibelt kevlar V-belts
  • holders for fixation during transport


Technical parameters

Area performance 1 725 m2/h
Working width 62,2 cm
Cutting height 4 cm
Number of speeds
Travel speed 2,37 kph
Clutch diameter 80 mm
Intended for engines four-stroke 
Blade surface speed 71,8 m/s
Weight 46 kg
Article no. 4520 
EAN 8591039062043 

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