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RAPTOR Hydro (Kohler)

The RAPTOR Hydro is a multifunctional carrier, which is possible to use all the year round thanks to a wide range of adapters. The RAPTOR Hydro is equipped with a new powerful KOHLER COMMAND PRO CV224 engine with a force feed lubrication.


Product description

The RAPTOR Hydro is a multifunctional carrier, which is possible to use all the year round thanks to a wide range of adapters. The RAPTOR Hydro is first of all designed to fit to the hands perfectly and to be comfortable for the user, ergonomics and well-balancing of the machine were the main priorities while developing this machine. The Raptor Hydro is equipped with a powerful four-stroke KOHLER COMMAND PRO 224 engine, a hydrostatic gearbox with the automatic differential lock and a NORAM-VARI centrifugal clutch and brake.

The KOHLER COMMAND PRO CV224 engine, which powers the RAPTOR Hydro carrier, is above all characterized by a high torque, a cast-iron cylinder sleeve, an oil pump and filter and also by a professional force feed lubrication. A four-stage cyclonic air filter ensures input of clean air to the suction, which is a great advantage while cutting long grass, hay tedding and while using a sweeping brush. These features will be definitely appreciated especially by technical experts.

The Raptor Hydro carrier copes with all kinds of operations concerning the grass maintenance and transport of needed material. It is possible to attach a drum mower or a mulcher, a hay tedder, a sweeping brush, a dozer blade or to connect a seat or a trailer.

The change of adapters is very easy and takes up to 10 minutes. Please see the attached video (Video manual).

The machine design, its toughness, balancing and lifetime is defined by the tough pressed chassis, which was designed using the latest 3D SOLIDWORKS technologies. It brought the elements of the automotive field to the production of the small garden machinery.

The main advantage of the hydrostatic gearbox is the continuous change of gear and machine direction – both forward and reverse regardless of the engine revolutions. Thus, the machine perfectly adapts the conditions and the walking speed of the operator. The differential in the gearbox enables easy operation and manoeuvrability of the machine. Moreover, is the gearbox equipped with an automatic axle lock, which in case that one wheel stars slipping clamps and transfers the output to both wheels. Thanks to this feature manages the Raptor Hydro to move in a very hard terrain conditions. The fluent start and at the same time quick stop of the accessories drive is ensured by the patented centrifugal coupling with the NORAM-VARI brake. This solution influences the long lifetime of the accessories drive and the operator´s comfort as well. The Raptor Hydro is equipped with an additional tank, which increases the total fuel tank volume to 5,9 litres, what markedly improves its radius and working time with no need to add the fuel.

In addition, the operator’s comfort is improved with the continuous height and side handlebar adjustmentergonomic levers with a low pressure to the hands and air chambers in the grips, which eliminate the microvibrations. For more comfortable work it is possible to connect the trailer with the seat or a separate sprung seat. Better terrain pass ability is ensured by the big 8” wheels with a grass pattern.


The RAPTOR Hydro multifunctional carrier was awarded GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO 2016 for the best exhibited product on the Techagro international fair.



  • four-stroke KOHLER COMMAND PRO CV224 engine
  • professional force feed lubrication of the engine with the Clean-Change oil filter
  • cast-iron cylinder sleeve, die cast valve cover, big filler neck
  • Quad-Clean four-stage cyclonic filter, steel engine cover
  • TUFF TORQ K-46ED hydrostatic gearbox with an automatic differential lock
  • continuous gear change - forwards and reverse
  • independent switching of wheels and accessories drive
  • comfortable and quick connection of the adapters
  • start of adapters using the integrated NORAM-VARI clutch
  • tough pressed chassis parts
  • ergonomic handlebars and control levers
  • service and automatic drive brake
  • integrated additional fuel tank with the volume of 4,5 l
  • big 8" wheels with an arrow pattern
  • Optiblet kevlar V-belts

Technical parameters

Engine displacement 224 cm3
Torque 14,9 N.m
Fuel tank volume 1,4 + 1,5 litres
Type of gearbox TUFF TORQ K-46ED hydrostatic 
Number of speeds continuous gear change 
Travel speed 0 - 8,0 forwards / 0 - 1,5 backawards kph
Recommended area unlimited m2
Handlebars adjustment height and side 
Engine power 7,75 HP
Weight 74 kg
Article no. 4553 

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